Hire The Right Sales Talent For Real Estate And Optimize Sales Performance

Real Estate is one of the most lucrative industries of present times. There has been a remarkable increase in the likelihood of property being a primary means of investment. The majority of real estate companies and realtors have rightfully been cashing in on this trend which is evident in the steadily mushrooming commercial and housing property. This makes it imperative that the personnel hired for carrying out sales transaction are not only well versed in the tricks of the trade but also capable of ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.

Mettl Real Estate Sales Executive Assessment is one such tool that has been created for the expert purpose of evaluating and qualifying contenders for the specific profile of a real estate sales executive. Mettl’s assessment addresses some of the key questions that arise in terms of hiring such personnel such as:

  • Would the potential candidate project the desired image of the company and brand being endorsed while answering queries?
  • Would the potential candidate have the necessary temperament to answer queries?
  • Would the potential candidate be capable of forging a productive and long lasting relationship with customers?
  • Does the potential candidate have the tact to successfully up-sell/cross-sell while simultaneously ensuring that the customer is not being coerced into a purchase?
  • Does the potential candidate have the necessary communication skills required for such interactions?

Used for:

Mettl Real Estate Sales Executive Assessment fits you best if you are looking to:-

  • Hire a team of good quality real estate sales executives. Mettl’s assessment has been built on thorough market research that has helped derive both the basic skill set as well as the specialized qualities required for a potential candidate. Hence any candidate who is recommended through this assessment is bound to be well versed in customer orientation and accompanied by a good level of sales and marketing acumen.
  • Accomplish a productive recruitment process in less time with little effort. Keeping in view the enormity of recruitments that our clients do, the assessment has been configured in such a way that multiple candidate reports can be generated once the test has been attempted. The assessments also have the advantage of being attempted from any device that can facilitate a basic internet connection.
  • Follow a reliable and easy system of short listing eligible candidates from a pool/pipeline. Mettl’s Assessments are accompanied with an extensive and highly reliable benchmarking procedure that is consistent with the industry’s standards as well as the respective client’s organizational standards. This not only creates a common field of reference but also increases the credibility of the entire testing procedure.
  • Spot gaps in the competency level of the existing employees. Along with its utility as a reliable tool in recruitments, Mettl Real Estate Sales Executive Assessment also helps identify gaps that indicate scope for training among the pre existing lot of employees.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

  • Real Estate Sales Professionals
  • Real Estate Marketing Professionals

Test details:

Duration - 52 minutes
Reliability score - Cronbach's alpha .883
Validity score - This ranges from .84 to .91 for different norm groups
Theoretical basis - The Big 5 Theory of Personality
Language - English (contact if required in other languages)

Test descriptions: 

The assessment includes:-

  • Mettl Real Estate Sales Knowledge Test- Assesses the functional understanding of the B2C sales process through real-life situation judgement questions
  • Mettl Personality Inventory- Assesses the person's behavioral sales competencies and is based on Big Five Model of Personality
  • Mettl Customer Focus Test- Measures the person's ability to handle customers through situation judgement questions
  • Mettl Motivation Inventory- Measures the person's key career motivators that drive his/her success in the role.

With a competency based approach to measuring the person’s potential, the assessment measures a person's sales knowledge, customer centricity, his/her key motivators and identifies his/her fitment based on their personality traits. The personality traits are measured through 4 competencies and 14 sub-competencies, which are -

  • Success Determinants in the Sales Process (Empathy, Ego Drive, Ego Strength, Service Motivation)
  • Managing the sales process (Result orientation, Taking initiatives, Information seeking, Problem solving),
  • Managing the customer relationship (Networking with people, Influencing others, Customer focus)
  • Self-management (Self-control, Self-confidence, Stress resiliency).

Our quantitative and validated process analyzes your people, detailing each individual’s potential to become a top performer. Using this insight, we provide a practical roadmap that identifies the skills each individual must learn, the attributes they must develop, and the weaknesses they must overcome to achieve business development success.