Identify The Stressors And The Stress Tolerance Capacity That Affects Performance At Work

Used for recruitment and selection:

Mettl helps you to deal with the stress factors affecting employees productivity at your organization through a comprehensive assessment for measuring occupational stress and stress tolerance capacity of the employees. The Mettl Stress Management Assessment helps in identifying the source of stress within the organization due to personal and organizational stressors, rectifying the source of stress, and taking adequate measures through illustrative remediation methods.

Key profiles the test is useful for:

Across all roles, functions, verticals and industries

Test details:

Duration - 50 minutes
Reliability Score - Cronbach's alpha .882
Validity Score - This ranges from .85 to .91 for different norm groups
Theoretical Basis - International Standards for Occupational Stress
Language - English (contact if required in other languages)

Test description:

The assessment consists of 3 tests measuring different parameters measuring stressors affecting productivity and stress tolerance

  • Personal Stressors Survey- Assesses the source of personal stress the individuals perceive to be prevalent
  • Stress Audit Survey- Assesses the source of stress due to organizational factors the individuals perceive to be prevalent
  • Stress Resiliency Scale- Assesses the person's stress tolerance capacity through 4 parameters- commitment, control, challenge and regressive coping.

It is a comprehensive assessment that gathers information on the sources, outcomes, and coping strategies used to manage pressures at the workplace.