Abstract Reasoning Test

a good indicator of problem-solving potential

Some problems are not simple, and it takes high level problem solving skills to find a solution. If you need an employee that can quickly learn new information, understand concepts and develop creative ideas – the Revelian Abstract Reasoning Test is an ideal assessment.

Recommended for testing and screening all applicants in complex roles that require the ability to work with conceptual information.

People who score well on the test are more likely to:

  • Quickly grasp new, ambiguous and complex concepts
  • Effectively problem solve using nonverbal information
  • Make sound, logical decisions involving abstract information

Abstract reasoning becomes more important as a predictor of job performance as the complexity of the job increases, however it is useful for any occupation as a good indicator of problem-solving potential.

Abstract reasoning tests use pictures and shapes instead of words and numbers. As such, they are not dependent on language or numerical ability. Consequently, they are considered to be a culturally fair and unbiased assessment that can provide an indication of an individual’s potential without the need for such skills (e.g. language or numeracy).

Candidates who sit the assessment will receive a unique set of randomly streamed questions.

Questions: 32 Questions
Time: 10 mins (timed)
Measures: Abstract reasoning
Predicts: Abstract aspects of job performance