Cognitive Ability Test

one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance

The general cognitive ability test (also known as aptitude tests or general intelligence assessment) is one of the most powerful predictors of future work performance.

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) comprises verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning questions and the resulting score reflects the person’s ability to acquire, retain, organise and apply information.

Hiring people with high cognitive ability gives your organisation the best opportunity increase business performance and decrease in involuntary employee turnover.

This psychometric test assess numerical ability, verbal ability and abstract reasoning to predict future job performance.

Candidates are presented with a unique set of randomly streamed questions. This is achieved through Revelian’s application of Linear-on-the-Fly (LOTF) item streaming. The questions become more difficult as the test progresses. .

This broad range of question types and difficulty levels means that the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test provides a comprehensive assessment of general cognitive ability. As candidates’ scores are compared to relevant normative groups, this test has been proven to accurately predict job performance across all role types.

People who score well on the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test are more likely to:

  • Demonstrate strong job performance
  • Make effective decisions
  • Successfully reason and solve problems
  • Respond appropriately to new or complex situations

Questions: 51 Questions
Time: 20 mins (timed)
Measures: General cognitive ability – verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning
Predicts: Future job performance