Work Preferences Profile

predict job fit and future satisfaction through work preferences

Work preferences represent the extent to which an individual derives satisfaction from engaging in different tasks. For example, some people are more satisfied working outdoors, while others are happy to sit at a desk.

Research indicates that job satisfaction is directly influenced by the degree of match between individual vocational preferences and specific job requirements (i.e. job fit).

Identify individuals whose work preferences match the requirements of the role, to maximise employee performance and job satisfaction.

Hiring people whose work preferences match a job’s requirements can significantly:

  • Increase job satisfaction
  • Increase productivity
  • Decrease employee turnover

The Revelian Work Preferences Profile assesses individual work preferences across the following eight areas, encompassing tasks that occur across a broad scope of occupational roles:


People completing the Revelian Work Preferences Profile are asked to indicate their preference for one of two tasks in a series of questions. Analysis across all items is conducted to identify their job preferences.

Each individual’s job preferences are compared to a position profile, completed online by a supervisor or the position incumbent, and an overall match classification is calculated. The higher the percentage match, the more likely the individual will ‘fit’ the requirements of the job and be satisfied at work.

Questions: 84 Questions
Time: 15 mins (untimed)
Measures: Job Fit
Predicts: Job Satisfaction