Test Partnership was formed with the goal of providing accessible, convenient and effective psychometric tests. Our overriding belief is that if the tools are easy to use they will be used more often. You don't need a dedicated in-house HR team to use psychometric tests; you just need the right tests on the right platform; which we have. 

Test Partnership Assessments are now available in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, MENA and GCC.

Psychometric testing you can use right now

Our online tests give you detailed aptitude scores and personality profiles for any candidate. Instantly assess any candidate to measure their true potential. The testing process is instant, so you can use it right now.

Trust our network of psychometric test experts

We are fully trained so you don't have to be. You control what candidate sits what test through your online admin platform and we deal with the rest. You're in safe hands; our experts take care of hundreds of online assessments every week.

Anyone can use our tests; we've made it easy for everyone to use regardless of your experience or training. Psychometric testing can bring significant insight to your selection process, so we wanted to bring the benefits to everyone through our online platform.

For high volume selection

Your brand, our technology. Industry-standard, scientifically validated, and reliable assessments which scale easily and seamlessly.


For low volume selection

One-off or ad-hoc testing with instant results. Have online tests created within the next 10 minutes. Test one candidate or test hundreds 24/7.

Goodbye 'hire and hope'. Hello verified data.

Use professional psychometric tests to add predictive-based assessment to your selection process. Our research team have have coupled cutting-edge psychometric theory with ultra-secure cloud-based assessment delivery. This makes it easy for anyone to enjoy the benefits of professional online testing right now.

  • Instant online results
  • Professional psychometric assessment
  • Predict candidates' future job performance
  • Brand as your own


Cognitive ability tests, which include numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning tests, have been found to be the most effective predictors of job performance (Bertua, Anderson & Salgado, 2005). With regards to predicting job performance, cognitive ability tests are over fourteen times more effective than unstructured interviews, over eight times more effective than previous experience and almost twenty eight times more effective than educational achievement (Hunter & Hunter, 1984). Cognitive ability has also shown strong correlations with other work relevant factors, including training program success and occupational prestige (Schmidt & Hunter, 1998).

Popular tests

  • Numerical Reasoning 16 minutes Online 
  • Verbal Reasoning 13 minutes Online 
  • Inductive Reasoning 11 minutes Online 
  • Critical Thinking 13 minutes Online 
  • Personality Questionnaire 15 minutes Online