Numerical Reasoning

  • Computer Adaptive Testing
  • Predict job performance
  • Instant online results
  • Benchmark against others

Numerical reasoning is the ability to understand, interpret and logically evaluate numerical information. Numerical reasoning is a major facet of general cognitive ability, the strongest overall predictor of job performance. As a result, numerical reasoning tests are powerful predictors of performance at work, especially in combination with other aptitude tests.

The N-ARA measures numerical reasoning, the ability to understand, interpret and logically evaluate numerical information. The N-ARA evaluates a candidate’s ability to perform calculations, solve numerical problems, and use numerical data to make real world decisions.

The Numerical Adaptive Reasoning Assessment (N-ARA) is the latest development in aptitude testing technology. The N-ARA uses computer adaptive testing to increase accuracy, reduce administration time and improve candidate experience. The N-ARA’s adaptive testing technology tailors question difficulties to the candidate’s performance, honing in on the candidates level of ability. Candidates are never bored by easy questions, or stressed out by overly difficult questions. Instead, every candidate’s test is challenging and engaging, but not overwhelming.

The N-ARA comes with two subtests. The first subtest measures the ability to interpret numerical information, perform calculations and identify solutions to numerical problems. The second subtest measures the ability to make real-world decisions based on numerical data. The N-ARA consists of 16 questions and takes around 12 minutes to complete. The N-ARA requires a calculator and some rough paper.

The N-ARA’s adaptive testing protocol enables its use at every level of recruitment. Because the N-ARA’s question bank contains hundreds of questions of varying difficulty, candidates at every ability level can be tested, from entry level staff to senior managers.

Numerical Adaptive Reasoning Assessment (N-ARA) Quick Facts

  • Assess innate numerical ability.
  • daptive question banks guard against cheating.
  • Objective measurement free of gender or culture bias.
  • Reduces the chance of bad hires.
  • Instant results emailed to you.
  • Predict future job performance.

Time Limit: 16 mins
Questions: 16
Format: Adaptive Online Test
Levels: All Job Levels