Sonru Client Experience

Amazing, fabulous, fantastic, excellent and that’s just what our happy customers say...

"Our clients on average save 8 out of every 10 hours involved in the early stage screening process and have reduced their time to hire by c.50%."

“Overall we have invited 200 candidates to complete the Sonru interview to date. These candidates are mostly based in Saudi Arabia. Although we were very excited about the product, and the benefits it would bring, we had some concerns over how the candidates would respond to this initially,” said Khalid Alsada, Recruitment Manager at GIB. “However after reviewing the results from 175 applicants we are pleased with the overall outcome, we were particularly impressed with the positive comments about the video interview from candidates mentioning that it portrayed the bank in a favourable, modern and innovative light. We were positively encouraged by the number of women who completed the assessment, as there was a level of uncertainty as to whether they would take part. We also use an online psychometric assessment as part of our process, Sonru excellently supplements this, as it helps add a more comprehensive picture to the assessment scores and allows us to see the whole person, their communication skills, self-presentation skills and much more.”

Dan Fitzpatrick - Talent Acquisition Manager - UK Supply Chain / R&D Europe at PepsiCo

This isn't normal practice for me but i want to share with you all how amazing the team at Sonru have been during the course of this year, from initial discussions with Paolo Bafico all the way through implementation with Aoife Morris. If you are considering using video interviewing then you should talk to the team at Sonru. So a BIG THANK YOU from me, Nikki Hayre, Jennifer Silvester & Katarina Nadzamova.

“…..we have been getting very positive feedback from all users, candidates and viewers ..even our CEO was impressed when he was shown one of the videos and has asked us to add him as a viewer. So even without full evaluation from our side we would like to continue using the service. .. it’s a very effective tool and we will have no problem recommending it to the Group.” Shanaz Sultana Ali, SBC TM Senior Manager at Savola


We caught up with Kim O'Kelly from Concern at our annual user conference. She talked about the success that Concern has had using Sonru video interviewing, particularly in the time and costs savings they've experienced. In addition, Sonru has extremely low bandwidth requirements which work very well for Concern, as they're locations are geographically distributed across a wide range of remote locations. For more information visit

Thomas Cook Group

We caught up with Hannah Gorman from Thomas Cook Group to talk about their success with Sonru Video Interviewing as part of their recruitment process. Learn more at


We connected with Jessica Kvarnhammar from ESS at Sonru StandOut, our annual video interviewing and recruitment conference, held this year in London on April 22nd. She spoke to us about how ESS uses Sonru video interviewing and saves months in their recruiting process


We caught up with Jamie Pearson from at the Sonru StandOut Annual Conference in London, UK. He talked to us about Sonru, video interviewing, and what it meant to be able to connect with other Sonru users at the event.  

EE Telecom

Marc Douch, Resourcing Consultant from EE talks about the success of using Sonru video interviewing as part of their recruitment process


CERN is known for the Large Hadron Collider, discovery of the Higgs Boson and birth place of the World Wide Web. We spoke to Anna Cook, Head of the Recruitment Unit and Anne Capodici, Recruitment and Sourcing Specialist about how they've been using Sonru video interviewing in their recruiting to find the best candidates across a variety of different profiles since 2011.

“Asynchronous video screening by Sonru, it’s excellent! It’s AMAZING and now become an essential and integral part of our recruitment process. Speak to any hiring manager at CERN and they will recommend it to you.” James Purvis, Head of Recruitment at CERN
If you have to interview anyone, ever - this is about to change your life. @Sonru Chicka Elloy, Global Programs Manager, Learning and Development at BCD Travel
“Before using Sonru, there was a fundamental flaw in our selection process with candidates passing earlier stages not being successful at the Assessment Centres. Sonru seems to be the missing link by replacing the phone interview. It has given us consistency in our graduate recruitment process. I’m a lot more confident now that we’ll get offers out from the Assessment Centres.” Carla Murray, Graduate Resourcing Manager at WM Morrisons
“We definitely brought better quality candidates through to the face-to-face interviews through the use of the Sonru tool. Graduate recruitment is so hit and miss, it’s very dependent on meeting the person so being able to see their communications skills was a big advantage.” Marian Cormack, Global Recruitment Specialist at Johnson & Johnson
“Prior to using Sonru we were flying candidates in from all over the globe- Boston, Krakow etc. We have seen a considerable reduction in costs, reducing the number of flights and accommodation costs by nearly 75%. We have also seen a reduction in the time it take to hire and in administration. It is definitely a very efficient method of hiring.” Emma Wright HR Assistant and Global Recruiter at BBA-reman
“Our line managers wasted a lot of time bringing in people who weren’t right for the role. By introducing Sonru, we cut down the number of people invited in for a face-to-face, and it helped manage expectation, resulting in success. I’d be keen on using Sonru for any position that involves large volumes of CVs as it really cuts down time.” Adam Walker, Lead Recruiter at Citi Group
“Sonru has definitely reduced our costs (£14k) as we no longer use an external company to carry out phone interviews. We’ve more control over who we invite to Assessment, more involvement from our hiring managers and with the standardized interview, it’s a fairer system for candidates.” Katy Beck, Graduate Recruiter at Sellafield Ltd.
“I love Sonru for the time it saves, the flexibility it offers and how it gives you a real sense of the individual that you simply cannot get from the phone or paper.” Fran Norman, Senior Recruitment and Solutioning Consultant at Certeco
“We trialled the Sonru tool recently for a Resourcing Manager role. The customer service I received from Sonru was simply exceptional, they built a fully Interserve branded portal. The candidate feedback was very positive, only a few minor issues with accessing web cams etc. It proved very useful in the selection process, the user experience as a Line / Recruiting Manager was very good especially being able to watch interview at my convenience! We appointed through this trial, so all in all very positive. We are now pursuing a cost model that may meet our needs moving forward.” Susan Blakeway, Head of HR Shared Services at Interserve
“The Sonru tool is excellent.Simple to use, time efficient, cost effective and creates a visual database of candidates. We use it extensively now that we understand its true value. I could not recommend it highly enough.” Garry McCabe,
Human Resources Director at Kuehne + Nagel
“We started using it about a month ago as a pre-screening tool mainly for overseas roles. We have developed a set of competency and biographical questions for the candidates to answer which we tailor according to each role which makes it quick and easy to set up. The response from candidates, customers (where appropriate) and internal managers has been fabulous, it has saved heap of time in the screening process and means each person in the chain can record or view the interview at a time and a setting that is convenient.” Adam Fifoot, EMEA Resourcing & Delivery Manager at Intergence Systems Ltd
“Great product and great team in Sonru, we use the interview video, we found giving candidates questions to answer works better that allowing candidate to free style. Great way to reduce interview requirements and speed up hiring process.” Hugh O'Brien, Director of People Services at Eircom & Meteor